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Make It Happen Sis! (MIHS) is an organization for aspiring and established female entrepreneurs of color to connect, learn and grow with each other.

Our mission is to create an environment where every woman feels safe, valued and seen. We promote and support our members and their businesses because we know when one of us wins, we all win.


Here you are family. What you bring to the table is important and necessary. You are essential to the growth of your fellow sisters, your community, and your family.



Diversity of Thought




Our Company

Make It Happen Sis! started in the summer of 2022 with a women’s empowerment event in Middle Georgia. We had such a great time and the energy was amazing, it was only natural that we transitioned that into a growing community! We’ve gone from the one event to numerous networking events, workshops, intimate discussions, a private online group, and so much more!

Dominique Murray, Founder of Make it Happen Sis!

Meet Our Founder: Dominique and her military family moved to Georgia in 2021 after spending several years in the United Kingdom. Covid-19 was still strong and racial unjust very present in everyday life.

“Covid taught me one thing, time is precious and definitely not promised”. She knew she didn’t want to spend it working hard to make someone else’s dream a reality so she made the decision to start pursuing her own.

“In my journey of figuring out what it was I actually wanted to do, I kept seeking out women like me, women who I knew would support me, women who inspired me and that I wanted to support. I realized I was desperate for a safe community and so were so many other women! For a woman of color like myself, branching out on your own sometimes seems impossible, there are so few everyday successful examples of it."

"The more I started building MIHS, I realized there were so many successful women of color who owned business, right here in Middle Georgia, their stories just weren’t being told. I’m making it my mission to bring those women, and women like me-who are just starting out- together. I want to build the table we can all sit at and invite others to join us. There is so much we can learn from each other!"



Meet Some of Our Members

"I joined MIHS because of its vision and to be in an environment of other great and inspiring women. I really believe MIHS will give me the opportunity to bring light to not only my brand but bring a lot of exposure to other businesses as well! I'm just excited about this journey and can not wait to see how big MIHS will become!"

~ Bianca, Hair by BWills

Bianca, member of Make it Happen Sis!

"I' ve had my share of communities but none of them felt quite right. In MIHS I feel welcomed and finally a part of a genuine sisterhood where we share ideas, encouragement and support."

~ Sheenica, owner of Protect Our Kings Apparel


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